How To Tell If Your Car Qualifies For Auto Donation

More and more people are becoming familiar with auto donation. On billboards, supermarket bulletin boards and highways across the nation, send the same message - 'donate a car' . Ads asking for people to donate a car to charity fill the local papers, daily papers and even the world wide web. If you are considering auto donation as a means of getting rid of a used car you no longer need, donate a car to a charity that will use the sale proceeds to help the community in which it serves.

How does one go about choosing a reputable place to donate a used car? And how do you know if your car will be accepted for vehicle donation ?

[ReviewAZON asin="B0038M321G" display="inlinepost"]The Red Cross has been serving people in their worst time of need for over a hundred years . The programs of the Red Cross go beyond the blood mobiles that you might recall seeing in your own area. The Red Cross relies on people who donate a car to help fund the programs that are so critical to the communities they serve across the nation. For more than a hundred years the Red Cross has been there through natural disasters to offer relief, temporary housing, clothing, food and more for those who are struck down. Auto donations help fund Red Cross programs locally, whether helping a family homeless because of a home fire, or nationally such as natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. If you are ready to donate a car, these are they five simple qualifications your car needs to have : four inflated tires, a set of car keys, a clear title, no lien and if manufactured before 1992 it must be derivable if outside of D.C., Maryland or Virginia. Towing is free for car donations in the above areas .

Why donate your used car to Red Cross? Everyone wins when you donate a car to the Red Cross . The Red Cross is able to continue funding their desperately needed programs. You are saved valuable time and money when you don’t have to place an ad to sell your unwanted vehicle or spend hours waiting for interested person to come to our home to see the car. When you donate a car to charity you help the Red Cross help the community when it’s most desperately needed.